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Big Data Project Final Event Workshop

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 -
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In this workshop the results of the BIG project will be presented, including analysis of foundational Big Data research technologies, technology and strategy roadmaps to enable business to understand the potential of Big Data technologies across different sectors, and the necessary collaboration and dissemination infrastructure to link technology suppliers, integrators and leading user organizations.

A first session will be dedicated to the Big Data project results, a second to the upcoming Big Data Public Private Partnership for Europe, and a third is entitled "Sustaining the Big Data Eco System".

To learn more the agenda, please consult the Big Project website here.

The mission of BIG is setting up an ecosystem (the Big Data Public Private Forum) that will bring together all the relevant stakeholders needed to materialize a data-driven society in 2020. This ecosystem will ensure that Europe plays a leading role in the definition of the new context by building the necessary infrastructures and technologies, generating a suitable innovation space where all organizations benefit from data and providing a pan-European framework to coherently address policy, regulatory, legal and security barriers. More about the project at:

To learn more about the event and register, please consult this webpage:


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