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RESERVOIR - Training in Paris

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - Tuesday, March 22, 2011
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Learn how to use and manage your own open source cloud solution, with your hands on.

To pave the way to adoption of cloud technology by businesses, the RESERVOIR project has integrated a set of virtualization and cloud management tools. The training will focus on OpenNebula, a core component of the RESERVOIR project.

OpenNebula 2.0 is a powerful and standard-based open source infrastructure manager and has been enhanced to address the virtual machine and cloud federation requirements of business use cases. OpenNebula is the most advanced open-source platform for building cloud infrastructures, offering unique features for integration, management, scalability, security and accounting.

Training Objectives

The participants will learn about the global architecture of the RESERVOIR Framework, with a particular attention given to the OpenNebula open source component. The training will cover the management aspects: installation, configuration and administration. The participants will also learn about the use of OpenNebula, including private, hybrid and public cloud topologies. The course includes hands-on exercises to be performed using attendee's laptops.

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