European Parliament endorsed science and technology programmes worth over 160 billion EUR


During the last plenary – ahead of European Parliament election in May – the EP approved deals with European governments, allowing the kick off of preparatory works to begin for four science and technology programmes. However, the programmes are not yet ready to enter into force, since key details (like budgets) are still waiting for approval.
So far, the European Commission has proposed a total budget of 161.6 billion EUR for the four programmes: 94.1 billion EUR for R&D in Horizon Europe; 16 billion EUR for space; 9.2 billion EUR to boost Europe’s digital capabilities in the Digital Europe programme; and 42.3 billion EUR for the Connecting Europe infrastructure programme, of which 3 billion EUR would be spent on digital infrastructure.
These budgets will be negotiated by the new EP. The outline agreement on Horizon Europe, however, clarifies major aspects of the programmes. The Digital Europe programme will aim to boost Europe’s capabilities in supercomputing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, digital skills, and digital transformation.

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