EU science ministers weigh up five research missions

EU government officials have debated the merits of five research missions tabled by the European Commission to receive funding from Horizon Europe, the EU’s 2021-2027 research programme.

The five missions suggested are in the fields of digitisation, health, "clean Europe", and food and agriculture. According to a Commission briefing paper, the specific targets in each of these fields are: to build the first universal quantum computer in Europe; to cure paediatric cancer; to eliminate plastic waste in rivers and seas; to create the first carbon-neutral cities with clean air, and to restore soil health.

The five suggestions come out of a longlist of 12 themes for missions that Commission staff had prepared in October. It’s likely there will be more changes. “Further areas for missions will need to be identified later on, during the lifetime of Horizon Europe,” the Commission said.

The Austrian presidency, the lead on negotiations for Horizon Europe, called member states to a "technical seminar" to consider the mission options and weigh up their feasibility.

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