The EC appoints a new Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society: Mariya Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel has been appointed as the new Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society. She will contribute to delivering a Digital Single Market, helping to lay the groundwork for Europe's digital future with EU-wide telecommunications networks, digital services that cross borders and a wave of innovative European start-ups. She was selected as the candidate proposed by the Bulgarian Government as Commissioner to replace former Member of the Commission Kristalina Georgieva. Her responsibilities as the Member of the European Commission for Digital Economy and Society are:

  • Facilitate, under the coordination of Vice-President Ansip, the adoption by the co-legislators of all the legislative proposals presented by the Commission to complete the Digital Single Market.
  • Prepare, as part of the project team steered and coordinated by Vice-President Ansip, ambitious proposals for the completion of a connected Digital Single Market, based on the mid-term review.
  • Develop and implement measures to make Europe more trusted and secure online, so that citizens and business can fully reap the benefits of the digital economy.
  • Ensure that the EU can be a catalyst for public and private investment, focusing on high-quality, digital network infrastructure.
  • Support the development of creative industries and of a successful European media and content industry.
  • Contribute to activities that turn digital research into successful European innovation stories.
For more information, see Mariya Gabriel's official profile.

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