European Commission Public Consultation on Cloud Computing and Software

DG Connect (Unit E2) launched a web-based Public Consultation with a view to defining future research priorities in the areas of Cloud Computing and Software, ahead of the H2020 ICT Work Programme 2016-17. All interested stakeholders (industry, research centres, academia, SMEs and users) are warmly invited to contribute.

The consultation will run from September 10th until October 10th 2014. It is structured in two parts: one on Cloud Computing and one on Software (including Open Source). Interested stakeholders can contribute to one or to both parts.

When this consultation is completed, a post-consultation Workshop will be held in Brussels on Tuesday, 4th November 2014 in order to discuss and validate the views expressed by different actors during the consultation.

To find out more information about this consultation and workshop, please consult the European Commission website.

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