NESSI goes to EDF 2014!


NESSI will participate at the Executive panel on Big Data on 20 March at the European Data Forum 2014 in Athens. NESSI will be represented by Josef Urban, Chairman of NESSI´s steering committee. Together with other panellist from industry, research institutes and the European Commission he will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the industry to join the Public Private Partnership (PPP) on Big Data. Overarching aim of the panel is to explain the benefits of the PPP for the European economy as well as the value of the creation of the European Data Ecosystem.

NESSI has also been selected to give a presentation on Big Data Value Innovation on 20 March. Promoting a wide ranging data value creation for Europe, the presentation shall describe all aspects that need to be addressed to create a European Big Data Innovation Ecosystem, including different dimensions such as research and innovation, application but also socio-economic and legal dimensions. The overarching theme of the presentation is the vision on how to capture and advance the value of Big Data to benefit the whole EU economy. NESSI´s presentation will kick-start an interactive session, which is jointly organized by NESSI and the BIG Project.

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