The Future Internet Info Day, Brussels

On 31st of January, Mario Campolargo, Director of Net Futures in DG Connect, opened the Future Internet information day saying that ‘innovation should be a mind-set’ for submitting proposals for H2020. Further details were given to about the major changes connected to the new framework programme as well as information about the first call covering the objectives ICT5, ICT 6, ICT7, ICT9, ICT11, ICT13 and ICT14.

ICT7 “Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services” covers a Research and Innovation Action with a budget of 66 million euro. The Commission is expecting a mix of small and large projects (small: 2-4 million euros, large: 5-8 million euros). The Innovation Action for ICT7 has a budget of 5 million euro. This action covers small project(s) of 2-4 million euros). Lastly, ICT7 covers a Coordination and Support Action of 2 million euros. ICT9, Tools and Methods for Software Development, has explicitly included input from NESSI position papers and has a budget of 25 million euro. The instrument is a Research and Innovation Action and proposals requesting small contributions of 2-4 million euros are expected, although larger projects are not absolutely precluded. All presentations and proposal ideas presented during the day together with more information regarding the other objectives can be found here.

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