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Description Type Published
NESSI - Software and KDT NESSI Vision 2020-09-03
NESSI - Software and SNS - issue 1 NESSI Vision 2020-07-08
NESSI - Open Source Software NESSI Vision 2019-07-24
NESSI Software and the NGI NESSI Vision 2019-05-09
NESSI Software and AI NESSI Vision 2019-02-22
NESSI - Software Empowering the Digital Transformation of Europe NESSI Vision 2018-10-11
FP9 NESSI Position Paper for EU Consultation NESSI Vision 2018-09-11
NESSI - SOFTWARE CONTINUUM Recommendations for ICT Work Programme 2018+ NESSI Vision 2017-03-30
NESSI Security and Privacy White Paper NESSI Vision 2016-04-13
NESSI Cyber Physical Systems White Paper NESSI Vision 2015-10-15
Big Data Value Association PPP Signature Press relase Big Data 2014-10-15
NESSI input to Net Innovation WP 2016-2017 NESSI Vision 2014-10-15
NESSI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Big Data 2014-10-14
NESSI Software Engineering White Paper NESSI Vision 2014-07-17
NESSI Big Data Value Manifesto November 2013 Big Data 2013-11-12
NESSI Manifesto for Horizon 2020 NESSI Vision 2013-06-20
NESSI Prospectus for Horizon 2020 NESSI Vision 2013-06-20
NESSI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Horizon 2020 2013-04-11
NESSI Position on European Cloud Strategy Cloud Computing 2013-01-31
NESSI Response to ISTAG report "Software - The Missing KET" Horizon 2020 2013-01-31